Timber Drying Kilns

K200 Traditional dry kiln front load

K200-T Tunnel dry Kiln version

K200-G Self-dry Kiln without the need for thermal power plant

K200-M Masonry dry kilns

K200-MOB Dry Kiln mobile, indicated for pallets

K200-PRE Pre-Dry kilns in a controlled atmosphere

ECODRY Drying by the quantity of timber cut

TT-150/300 Dry kiln for reduced amounts of timber, transportable

VHTT Very high temperature wood treatment plant

IMPIANTI Complete plants with boilers, silos, bunkers ....


K200-SD Vaporisers direct

K200-SI Vaporisers indirect


Sterilizzatori Sterilization "standard ISPM15"

Celle Combinate Combination drying and vaporization in a single room

INTUBATI Intubation fans for energy savings (patented)

COMPONENTI Components: doors, chimneys, mufflers, recuperators ......

Control System

LEONARDO 3.0 New control system Leonardo 3.0 with RCU