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vhtt system
New VHTT. Presented at Xylexpo in Milan at may 2010


We have presented at Xylexpo in Milan at may 2010
Plant for the Very High Temperature Treatment of Wood. More......

- VHTT -
Plant for the Very High Temperature Treatment of Wood.
Nardi has presented at Xylexpo Fair in Milan a plant for the high temperature treatment of wood which differs from other types (like Thermowood®) because the process is performed at saturated water vapour pressure.
Wood is not dried down to 0% moisture content, like in other drying plants, but keeps the same level of moisture avoiding technological problems such as checking and honeycombing; the material has much better final appearance and better mechanical characteristics.
Cycles are short and time and energy are saved.


Nardi Timber Drying Kilns
"Xylexpo", Milano 04 - 08 May 2010

We are present in Milano Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology, from May 04th to 08th, 2010
Fairgrounds Milano Rho.

Nardi Timber Drying Kilns
"Xylexpo", Milano 04 - 08 May 2010 - Stand E30 PAD.10
Stand "E30 - PAD. 10"
Nardi Timber Drying Kilns
"expobois", the wood industry exhibition, 10 - 13 Marzo 2010

We are present in Paris at the wood industry exhibition 10 - 13 Marzo 2010
Paris-nord Villepinte, Hall 6, France.

Stand "6 M 038"

January 1, 2010: all EPAL pallets should be sterilized.
January 1, 2011: all EPAL pallets should be dried.
We are READY. Our company is able to offer drying/sterilization kilns of the highest quality and performance. NARDI kilns are designed to sterilize pallets in 5 hours and to dry in 18 hours. More......

The company NARDI , manufacturer since over 35 rears of timber and pallets drying kilns, is READY.
We know that the basis of all investments is the saving and our kilns performance allow to save you time and energy. NARDI, strong of its long experience in the sterilization and drying of pallets and wood for packaging, has developed a line of kilns that allow to reach the desired result in very short times.
From the thermal energy standpoint the consumption of natural gas (or sawdust/wood chips) is the same as in kilns with lower performance (sterilization in 7-8 hours and drying in over 36 hours), because the energy consumption depends only of the amount of water to be extracted from wood and does not dependent on the time or the size of the gas burner (or gas/biomass boiler). As far as electric power consumption, it is directly proportional to the drying time: the longer the fans run the higher the consumption is.
NARDI kilns dry fresh pallet to 22% final moisture in18 hours which means the fans run 18 hours and not 36 as in the kilns of lower performance.
If we consider a kiln with 6 fans of 4 kW (under frequency converter drive), assuming an average consumption of 16 kW per hour, the difference between a drying cycle of 18 hours and 36 hours will be 18h x 16kW = 288 kWh, which at a cost of about € 0.11 per kWh means a saving of electricity of 31,7 euro per cycle.
If we assume to perform 150 cycles of 18 hours each year instead of 150 cycles of 36 hours, the total savings will be 150 cycles x 31,7 Euro= 4750,00 Euro of electricity.
Consider that the high performance NARDI kiln can make as many as 300 cycles/year, while competitor’s low performance and price kilns, can make only half.
As a bottom line NARDI kilns, even if it costs more, allows for substantial energy savings each year and increased productivity.
Mobile kiln NARDI
For producers who need to process large quantities of pallets per day, NARDI offers its mobile kilns, which saves time both for handling pallets and loading/unloading the kiln.
The mobile kiln allows to store the stacks of pallets directly on the second workstation while the kiln is carrying out the treatment of pallets on the first workstation.

At the end of the process, the operator opens the doors and moves the kiln over the second workstation. The pallets of the first workstation can now be loaded directly into the truck.
The mobile kilns NARDI are available for capacities ranging from 1,200 up to 3,800 pallets.
NARDI is the only timber drying kilns manufacturer that offers a 3-year warranty on ALL the components of its kilns.

October 2009: installed in the U.S.A. Steaming chamber with motorized door and double steaming system. All interior is in stainless steel and anodized aluminium. More.....

Steaming chamber with new powered lifting door. The kiln is equipped with a hydraulic power unit and two hydraulic cylinders to lift the door.
When opened, the door stands above fork lift level and there is no risk to hit the kiln roof during loading-unloading. The external roof truss eliminates the usual gap above the lumber, further enhancing coloring.
In the conventional steamers the beams create above the lumber a useless space where steam is trapped. The interior is all stainless steel and the aluminum structure is anodized.
The steamer features a double system to generate steam: the first is an submerged stainless steel coil that boils “city water” like a tea kettle, reducing boiler make-up water and expensive chemicals.
The second system consists of a perforated spray bars that the operator may use for faster heat up times. The submerged element produces low temperature, zero pressure, super-saturated steam to enhance coloring.
The photo is a steamer at Begley Lumber in London KY (U.S.A). Complete PLC control system provided.

18/22-05-2009: We are present at Ligna 2009. Map Nardi Timber Drying Kilns

October 2008:The first automatic swing-up doors have been successfully installed in France and Belgium; these special doors can be installed also on side-by-side kilns and can be used to upgrade existing plants.

A timber drying plant made-up of eight kilns has been commissioned at the end of September 2008 at Ali Parquets in the Republic of San Marino, a leading company in the production and distribution of high quality parquet flooring. More.......

The plant has been specifically designed for parquet frises of different valuable hardwoods and has been optimised according to the customer requirements: in particular, a very even distribution of final moisture content in the frises.
This result has been obtained thanks to some special properties of the drying plant, such as:
high performance tunnel ventilators (patented by Nardi).
special air deflectors with mobile wings (patented by Nardi).
heating system with bi-metallic coils having stainless steel pipes and aluminium fins, directly obtained on the tube by drawing/rolling process.
air and steam tight vents with rubber-silicone gaskets.
air-water rehumidification system with strict control of water dosage and nebulisation time.
electronic control system with separate units controlling the drying cycles and central supervising unit with alarm management and remote control.