Leonardo 3.0 Drying Control System

The new Leonardo 3.0 arrives with various innovations which once again make it unique and in the avant-garde of control systems for drying wood.
The predominant feature is the PLC platform which permits the maximum plant flexibility plus customized programming for the customer’s needs.
Alongside revolutionary and attractive graphics (aimed above all at making it as intuitive as possible) the new PC software introduces the system known as PFS (programmable free step) which allows you to program all the drying kiln parameters freely.
Other new features include: the new cycle programming system (thanks to which a drying cycle can be started with only 3 parameters).
Total attention is given to customer satisfaction intended above all as ease of use, specific adaptation to needs and after-sales service: the RCU module offers the maximum simplicity and ease of programming/running the drying kilns; automatic calculation of the maximum durations is made available to help customers to choose; while other features include: possibility of receiving signals from the plant by text message, remote support by modem, customized and automatic drying plant maintenance signals.

Finally we mention the functions:
Automatic fan speed Calculation or based on cell size, number and power fans.
Automatic probe: for an automated management that can handle any fault or breakdown in the system of survey data (abnormal probes are automatically disabled).
EcoBooster: for innovative management of the chimneys and dehumidification function, based on both indoor and outdoor climate.
Quality Fan The speed suits (decreases) automatically whenever the air is drier than the septum (to prevent the fouling).
Air-Wave: gusts of wind speed obtained by randomization of fans around the set value.

In practice, the new Leonardo 3.0 is the result of the constancy with which the company invests in research and development in a technology and also proposes it self as a new platform for future innovations and developments.


Nardi, Leonardo 3.0
Layout operation
Nardi, Leonardo 3.0
Control system LEONARDO 3.0 with RCU
Nardi, Leonardo 3.0
Control system LEONARDO 3.0 with RCU
Nardi, Leonardo 2.4